jaysuing Liquid Plaster Spray aid 30 ml

3.000 KD

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Liquid Plaster,  Aid Liquid Bandage Spray Liquid Bandage Spray Liquid Skin Bandage, 30ml Waterproof and Breathable Quick-Dry Liquid Bandage Transparent Wound Stick Protective Film Liquid

  • Hospital Grade: Product quality is our first and highest priority! Our transparent wound dressing is flexible and skin-friendly, with a strong bonding agent that does not irritate the skin.
  • Easy to use: Are you tired of fumbling with gauze and tape This transparent dressing is a convenient alternative. It is effortless to apply and remove, saving you both time and effort.
  • No Worries about Getting Wet: Our dressing is fully waterproof. The adhesive keeps intact even when you wear it in the shower or bathe in a bathtub, or if the covered region is submerged in a pool.
  • Multiple Uses: Liquid b and-aids can be applied directly to wounds after cleaning your wound, quick drying. Suitable for abrasion, debris, dry skin, abrasion, and other small wounds.
  • Reliable Defense: The liquid b and-aid spray is an ideal safeguard for minor wounds or IV entry. This adhesive dressing provides a clean, breathable environment to promote faster recovery.