Karite anti-inflammatory body spray 120 ML

3.500 KD

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Karite anti-inflammatory body spray

Eliminates back, chest and thigh acne and,,,.

Body fat controller

The volume is 120 ml

Features of Karite anti-inflammatory body spray:

No dryness, itching and stickiness after use

It has the property of protecting the skin against free radicals

Can be used on all parts of the body

It has very strong exfoliating properties

Separating the dead layer from the skin surface

Reduces all types of pimples

Has anti-inflammatory properties on the skin

Soothing skin

Very effective in removing excess sebum on the skin

Regulator of sebaceous glands

Eliminates darkness and spots left by boils due to the presence of niacinamide and licorice extract

Preventing the growth and increase in the number of acne-producing bacteria

Heals skin redness due to various types of acne