Karite lip care set mask and scrub 10G + 6ml

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Karite lip care set mask and scrub with peach extract nutritious 10G + 6ml

Natural Lip Scrub with sugar and oils. With the aroma of ripe peach, for gentle exfoliation of irrigation particles of lips, deep moisturizing and softening of the lip.

The skin of the lips is especially exposed to external factors. The set is immediately 2 steps to the ideal lips! A natural sugar lip scrub will soften and align the texture of the lip. Natural oils in the composition moisturize, regenerate, soften, heal cracks. The lip mask increases skin elasticity and makes the lip surface smooth and soft.


Ethyl cellulose ethoce, sugar, fructose, mineral oils, glycerin, beeswax, vitamin E, peach extract, perfume composition

Package Contents

Mask 6 ml, scrub 10g