ELHAM Rosemary Oil 30 ML

3.500 KD



Rosemary Oil is derived from small evergreen shrub with thick aromatic leaves. It has been used extensively as a medicinal herb for decades.

Following are some of its known Benefits:

Utilized in Aromatherapy –  lowers stress level and improves memory

Utilized for massage – relaxes muscles, stiffness and stress pain

Excellent facial astringent – reduces signs of ageing

Reduces cramps and osteoarthritis related pain

Stimulates hair growth and treats itchy scalp

Rejuvenates damaged skin and removes scars

Heals skin’s breakouts and soothes dry skin

Effective natural insect repellent

Precautionary Note: Some oils are strong in nature, so always dilute essential oil with a carrier oil such as Coconut oil, Olive oil, Argan oil, Rosehip oil, Jojoba oil, Grape Seed oil or Sweet Almond oil before using on skin or hair scalp. Never drink any essential oil without discussing with your physician.