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KATRINA HAIR COLOR SHAMPOO KATRINA HAIR COLOR SHAMPOO KATRINA WHITE HAIR COLOR SHAMPOO for women and men with olive oil extract. This new product, which dispenses with the use of dyes and hair colorants, which contain ammonia, which damages the hair. The shampoo is easy to use and you can use it at home without going to the barber or hairdresser. It is characterized by giving the hair a natural black color, unlike the dyes that make the hair very black.

It is also characterized by its composition of botanical herbs and olive oil extract, which works to preserve the scalp from sensitivity.

It is also characterized by its smell that makes you feel the product’s richness in natural plants, whereby you can distinguish it from counterfeit products that often smell annoying.

The ingredients of Blackening White Olive Oil Extract Shampoo with Natural Herbs contain high quality substance and certified quality and are suitable for those who are allergic to chemical dyeing materials due to natural ingredients, and it is good for those who want to dye them. Black hair at home and without going to beauty centers, especially those who have white hair, whether for men or women How to use: Wet your hair with a little warm water (it is preferable not to fill your hair with water, just keep it wet) where you need to use gloves to protect your hands. Then the package is emptied in the hands until the foam is produced and then the foam is applied directly to the hair, the shampoo is distributed over all parts of the head, concentrating on the parts you want to make black Leave the shampoo foam for 5. 10 minutes Rub the shampoo foam on the hair again until it is done Get a good color, then wash shampoo with water only until it’s gone, 20ml

Instructions for use

1- Wet hair with water

2- Open the packet of Katrina blackening shampoo and then remove the shampoo from the entire bag into the palm of your hand.

3- Apply the shampoo to wet hair and rub the hair well so that the shampoo penetrates all parts of the hair.

Don’t worry about black foam coming in contact with your skin, just rinse it with water every now and then.

4- Leave the shampoo in the hair for 10-15 minutes.

5- Rinse the hair with water only after finishing.

The result:

You will find your hair black and no white hair with the consistency of your hair color with a natural black that is not striking as it appears in other hair dyes and colours.


– Do not use any hair product (soap – shampoo) immediately after it.

– In case of feeling harsh hair, it is recommended to use a hair conditioner.

Do not let the hair foam come into contact with the skin for more than two minutes, and rinse it with water from time to time.

– The glove attached to the product is for women who use nail polish so that the color does not stick to the color of the polish.

– Do not use on dyed hair.