Kumarika Nourishing Hair Oil Dandruff Control 100ml

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  • CONTROLS HAIR DANDRUFF: Do you think shampoos can alone control dandruff within 2 minutes of application? To controll dandruff, you need to apply a hair oil which works overnight on your hair to nourish the scalp. That’s why you need Kumarika Dandruff control hair oil. Studies have shown that the main cause of dandruff is a condition that turns the scalp dry which later leads to scaling. Kumarika Hair Oil fights dryness by keeping the scalp moisturised.
  • CONTAINS HERBS THAT YOU CAN SEE WITH YOUR EYES: Kumarka Hair Oil is made from the natural extracts of METHI and LEMON, all of which can be seen inside a strong and transparent container. Methi is known to prevent scalp dryness and lemon is a source of vitamin C which has anti-fungal properties and sheds away dead skin cells and dandruff flakes! Other hair oil just claim that they are made from herbs, but Kumarika actually shows what has gone inside. See the natural goodness for yourself.
  • NON-STICK & PLEASANT SMELL: Kumarika Dandruff Control Hair Oil is made from natural herbs after years of research. This makes it light and non-sticky. Unlike other hair oil, Kumarika Hair Oil doesn’t feel like a burden on your head and keeps you in a relaxed state after it’s application. The major benefit of using natural herbs is that it has a pleasant smell after use. Kumarika Hair Oil is light, refreshing and easy to wash after use
  • HERBAL & NOURISHING HAIR OIL: This pack of 1 Kumarika Hair Oil nourishes your scalp and hair with natural herbs. Not only does it controls dandruff, it stimulates hair growth, reduces split ends, makes your hair silky smooth and shiny/glossy and improves blood circulation to hair follicles. This makes your hair long, strong and healthy!
  • UNISEX & CONDITIONING HAIR OIL: Kumarika Dandruff Control Hair Oil can be used by men, women and kids. Being herbal in nature, this hair oil is not age group restricted. It is compatible with all the leading brands of Hair Shampoo and Hair Conditioners like Head & Shoulders, Patanjali, and many more! Daily use of Kumarika Hair Oil doesn’t let the scalp dry, dry scalp leads to hair fall and oiling your hair with Kumarika Hair Oil can bring back moisture to your hair and keep it well hydrated.
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