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Lavender Essence Hair Mask Hot-Oil Cream 500 ml

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Lavender Essence Hair Mask Hot-Oil Cream Moisturizing Smooth Hair Treatment 500ml

Ingredients / Efficacy: This product contains the French orange essence, vitamin E, nutritional proteins and amino acids, etc.,

which has an excellent repairing effect on the hair damaged by dyeing and burning. It changes the split ends and dryness of the hair. Damaged conditions, such as breakage, transfer moisturizing molecules to each hair of the head, supplement moisturizing factors and nutrition, keep the hair moisturized for a long time, and produce significant maintenance effects, so that each hair is crystal clear

Usage: Wash and dry the hair, wipe it on the inner and outer layers of the hair with a hair mask, comb evenly with a comb, wrap it with steam or a hot towel for 5-10 minutes, then wash and dry with water, and then blow the hair. This product is easy to use as a conditioner.

Want to be a hair conditioner, a hair mask anytime, anywhere, convenient and quick enjoyment, and your hair to enjoy multiple moisturizing and repairing.

Another hair restore health shiny Notes: topical products, avoid contact with eyes, if accidentally get into the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

Shelf life: three years For dry and frizzy hair, split ends accompanied by a small amount of hair loss, hair loss, etc.

Why does my hair look like this?

Answer: Frequent use of overly alkaline shampoos, sun exposure, and inappropriate dyeing, perming, and hair dryers can easily cause this phenomenon! You should take the following methods immediately: 1. Choose a shampoo that is suitable for your hair. After washing, use conditioner to protect your hair, especially after perming and dyeing your hair.

2. Pay attention to the combing action. Comb brush with a soft texture should be properly combed to help distribute the fat evenly throughout the hair

3. Do not perm the hair too frequently.

Use a hair dryer as little as possible 4. Avoid direct exposure to the sun for too long 5. Eat more often Foods rich in calcium and vitamins can be used with a hair mask or conditioner when washing your hair.