Lemon Clear Lightening Body Lotion

4.500 KD

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Lemon clear range of products has the capability of lightening and brightening the skin, lemon clear is an optimal go-to for treating dark spots on various parts of the skin and under the eyes. Additionally, you can apply lotion on parts of your body where you wish to reduce acne scars or even a tan as it contains a natural bleaching agent.

Since lemon prevents unwanted pathogens such as bacteria, reduces excess oil on the skin, and helps cleanse and close the pores, Lotion will also help you to combat and avoid the development of blackheads.

Because lemon essential oils contain antiseptic properties, it can eliminate potential acne and cold sore-causing bacteria from the skin

lemon essential oil is great for combating oily skin in that it acts like a natural astringent by reducing excess sebum and tightening the pores.

It can turn your dull complexion brighter, cleaner, and smoother with just one application.

Lemon is known to help in breaking down and clearing dead skin cells, removing extra dirt, and generally helping to provide rejuvenation to dull complexion. Because lemon oil is also anti-inflammatory, it can reduce puffy eyes and a puffy face as an added bonus to make your entire face look refreshed, awake, and young.

Product can also help to reduce oxidative damage (wrinkles) on the surface of the skin to create a renewed appearance as the vitamin C and citric acid apart of lemon oil fight against oxygen-stealing free radicals.

  • Improves dull skin, softens skin, brightens, clears dark spots,
  • Absorbed deep in skin evenly
  • Leaves skin clear and fresh