Matcha Apricot Flavored L-Carnitine Detox Tea

6.500 KD



Yeşilçay-Matcha(25%), apricot (12.5%), spirulina, cinnamon, l-Carnitine, sandalos gum, chromium picolonate (contains 120ug chromium), l- Arginine, stevia, tragacanth, cinnamon.

Product preparation:

It is recommended to consume a pack (8gr) of powder mixed with 200 ml of water, milk or 1 bowl of yoghurt twice a day, on a full stomach. Beginner users can start with 1 chassis per day, then 2 chassis can be used. (3 boxes are for 1 month use.)

Net quantity: 20 pcs x 8gr.+2
1 Box – Between 160-200gr.