max lady keratin serum 100ml

3.500 KD

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keratin Max Lady Hair Serum is suitable for damaged hair. Hair that has become dry and frizzy for any reason can be revitalized and repaired with this serum.

This serum is also very effective for hair that has weakened roots. This serum, if used, can protect your hair from root to tip. What could be better than this?

You can also fill your hair with regular use of this serum. Because this serum has the property of regenerating thin hair.

This product consists of almond oil, olive oil, argan oil, black seed, seed oil, creatine extract, liquid paraffin, BHA, propylene paraben, perfume.

How to use Max Lady Creatine Hair Serum:

To use, just apply a few drops of it on your wet hair. Dry it after a few minutes.

Try not to apply this product on dry hair. Because it is absorbed quickly and does not have the necessary effect on the hair.

The volume of the product is about 100 miles.

This product gives your hair a beautiful shape. So if you want to take care of your hair professionally, be sure to include this product in your purchases.

You can buy this product from all over the country. The product will reach you in the shortest time.

Apply for healthy hair today. Beauty in a few steps شما.