Mindivan Ginseng Mixed Herbal Infusion 20 bags

3.500 KD



Product Information Ginseng tea is a drink made from natural ginseng roots. Ginseng is a popular medicinal herb and is believed to have many health benefits. Here are some potential benefits of ginseng tea: Increase energy and improve stamina: Ginseng tea is believed to boost energy levels and help improve physical and mental stamina.

Boost the immune system: Ginseng contains antioxidant compounds that are believed to boost the immune system and help fight diseases and infections. Improving mental functions: There are reports that ginseng may help enhance mental functions such as focus, attention, and memory. Relieve stress and anxiety: Ginseng tea is thought to have a calming effect and may help reduce stress and anxiety and improve mood.

Support Heart Health: Ginseng is beneficial for heart health and can help reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Strengthening the digestive system: Ginseng is believed to help promote digestive health and improve digestion. Improving blood circulation: Ginseng is a blood circulation stimulant and can help improve blood flow and perfusion to tissues and organs. To prepare ginseng tea using a packet, you can follow these steps:

Heat a cup of water to boiling point. Place a packet of ginseng tea in a cup of boiling water. Leave the packet to soak in water for 3-5 minutes until the flavor and active ingredients of the ginseng are extracted. Remove the packet from the cup and let the tea cool slightly until it is at a suitable temperature for drinking. You can add honey or lemon as desired to enhance the flavor and enjoy additional benefits. Enjoy drinking warm ginseng tea and enjoy its health benefits.