Mokeru Hair ReGrowth SPRAY Lotion Anti Hair Loss

4.500 KD



Mokeru 30 Days 100% Guarantee Hair ReGrowth Lotion Natural Essence Anti Hair Loss Liquid Shampoo for Men Hair Treatment

Hair loss,also known as hair loss or alopecia,refers to the loss of the head part of the hair.General hair loss can be divided into two basic types,due to hair follicle damage caused by permanent hair loss,and hair follicles due to short-term damage caused by temporary hair loss.Repair hair follicles is one of the main functions of MOKERU Hair Growth Lotion.The product is rich in Polygonum multiflorum,ginger juice,medlar,chamomile and other traditional Chinese medicine plant ingredients,effectively cure damaged hair follicles,promote hair cells split,so that hair growth.Hair follicle function recovery is a long process of treatment that requires long-term adherence and maintain a healthy and healthy life.


1.Twice a day,morning and night (Pls cleaning the lossing hair or bald spot before using)

2.Using 30ml spray bottle to spray the lotion on the scalp evenly

3.Gently massage the solution into the scalp for 10-20 minutes.Do not wash or rinse hair for at least three hours.

3.For best results,leave it overnight and rinse the next morning keep using day by day.


1. This product is a topical product, please do not oral.
2. Please wash with water after entering the eyes.
3. Keep healthy life during use (do not smoke, drink, spicy food, etc.)
4. Please use natural plant shampoo and other organic hair care products during use, please do not perm and hair dye.
5. Do not eat high-sugar and high-fat foods during use, because such foods contain acidic ingredients that are detrimental to the growth of hair.