Kasoy Oil by Angel Touch 60ml with cream

4.500 KD

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Kasoy Oil by Angel Touch 60ml +  Kasoy Cream 10 grams

Dip a cotton swab to kasoy cream, Apply to affected part only, do it 3 to 4 times a day.


  • KASOY CREAM AND OIL is your solution to painless and natural removal of Moles (Facial, Body) , Warts (Facial, Peringual, Plantar, Neck), Flat Warts, Dermafibrosis, Keratosis, Syringoma, Milia.
  • Product details of PCS Herbal Kasoy Cream 5grams Health Scar Care – Effective for Mole Remover, Warts Remover, Skin Tags, Syringoma, Milia, Kulugo Safe and Effective. Skin problems such as buni,an-an kati-kati etc.
    The benefits of cashew nut oil include smoother skin texture, better skin moisture, improve skin complexion, relief from fungal infections, and delayed signs of aging. It also helps treat scalp infections, improves hair texture, maintains strong bones, and lowers LDL cholesterol levels