Parachute Garlic for Hair Fall Control Gold 300 ML

2.000 KD




Parachute which is a market leader in its category and a heritage brand symbolises purity and quality. Consistent composition and viscosity in every drop of oil. Promotes hair growth and also nourishes the scalp. It gives your hair a healthy shine.

  • ABOUT THE PRODUCT: Cocolipids and Garlic enriched hair fall control oil.
  • INGREDIENTS: It contains goodness of cocolipids and nutrition of garlic.
  • BENEFITS: Cocolipids helps in maintaining viscosity of hair. Garlic is a rich source of vitamin C which improves blood circulation in your scalp and and reduce hair fall.
  • PURE FOR SURE PROMISE: Made from 100% natural Coconut which is free from any impurities.
  • ABOUT THE BRAND: Parachute Gold range of hair creams and hair oils are uniquely designed for men. Parachute Gold provides the unique nourishment of coconut in a very modern format of hair creams and hair oils. Parachute Gold oil and creams are available in different variants of Extra Nourishment, Extra Moisturising, Dandruff Control and Intensive Care.