Roushun collagen Facial Care lifting lightening Kit 3 items

7.500 KD

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Roushun collagen  Whitening and Hydrating Cream Beauty Skin Care Kit Facial Care set With Massage

Lifting & Lightening Cream
Plump, Hydrated Skin: Our hydrating moisturizer works wonders on dry.
sun-damaged skin. The collagen moisturizer quenches the dermis to promote
healthy, youthful looking skin.
The Power of Collagen: The collagen peptides in our advanced wrinkle cream
emulates the collagens your body naturally produces which helps rebuild the
skin and promote new skin cell growth.
DIRECTIONS: Apply the cream evenly to the forehead and cheek, then massage
the skin with the facial massager to slide up the skin massage the face like an
arc, massage the face in order, so that the cream penetrates into the deep skin.
It can make skin more moisturizing and hydrating anti-aging delay skin aging