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SECRET DAME Skin Whitening Body Care Cream 300 gm

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This multi-function whitening body care unifies, corrects, protects, brightens and hydrates your skin in one step. Your skin is radiant and unified while being protected against premature signs of aging. Its formula includes the Opta White active and has been specially designed and adapted to meet the nature of African skins and their cosmetic needs.

Lightens black spots leaving the skin in uniform complexion lightens dark areas, age spots and blemishes. all day hydrating and smoothing. no need to hide dark spots with foundations , is a formula rich in b-carotene and vitamin a and e in order to make your skin light, manageable and’s components and active principles are specifically analysed to deeply nourish your skin, protect it and give you a feeling of well being.features it will quickly and effectively lighten and brighten your skin to the complexion you desire to achieve. you can also use this oil to get rid of hyper-pigmentation caused by acne, stretch marks, sunburn, age spots, scars. if your aim is just to get rid of marks you should oil apply this oil to the areas you wish to get rid of the hyper-pigmentation. its believed to be safe, ideal and beneficial it contains a blend of natural ingredients order now to deliver at your doorstep