sesa Onion Damage Repair Shampoo with Reetha & Shikakai 300 ml

3.500 KD



Product Description

Infused with the power of 100% natural actives like Reetha and Shikakai, this shampoo helps combat breakage, split ends and return the hair’s original shine. This paraben and sulphate free shampoo strengthens hair from the inside and boosts growth.

Key Benefits

Makes your hair shinier and softer

Strengthens hair & boosts growth

Prevents breakage and split ends

Repairs damage from heat and chemicals

Key Ingredients


Nourishes the scalp and maintains pH balance. Sulphur in it helps make your hair stronger and thicker. Boosts hair growth.

Aloe Vera

It calms an oily scalp and prevents greasy hair. It also strengthens and repairs hair.


It curbs hairfall and makes it shinier. It also has antifungal properties and prevents dandruff.


It delays premature greying of hair and makes it thicker and stronger. It also heals dry scalp.