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SOFN’FREE SUPER FOR COARSE HAIR RELAXER 450 ML with conditionong shampoo

Sofn’free’s cortical crème relaxer super is best suited for coarse hair and is enriched with Aloe Milk . The aloe milk is especially added to ensure that course hair are well nourished and conditioned during relaxing and to ensure reduced irritation to the scalp, so that you will have straight,

Do not: apply relaxer directly to the scalp: wash hair 3 days prior to the relaxing process; apply if your scalp is irritated or injured; brush, massage or scratch the scalp for 24 hours; use on hair that has been treated with products containing ammonium thioglycolate or ammonium bicolpate.
1- Apply a protective base cream to the scalp and hairline. Because relaxer can irritate your skin, it’s a great idea to apply a base cream directly to the scalp to protect it. Part your hair in multiple places and apply the base to your scalp. Don’t forget to apply the base to your hairline and around your ears as well.

  • Petroleum jelly is also a sufficient protective base option
  • Divide your hair into 4-6 sections. Use a comb to divide your hair evenly into 4-6 different sections. Secure the sections with plastic hair clips or rubber bands. Avoid any hair ties or clips that have metal
  • Mix the product in a plastic bowl. Typically, hair relaxer comes as a cream or paste and there will be chemicals that need to be mixed with it to complete the relaxer chemical process. With your plastic gloves on, mix the product in a plastic bowl as instructed.
  • Apply the relaxer to the new growth in small sections. Use your comb or the opposite end of your applicator brush to get a small section of hair that’s no more than ½ inch (1.3 cm) thick. Using an applicator brush, carefully coat your new growth with the relaxer. Do this over and over until you’ve applied it to every section.
    • If you’ve never applied relaxer before, you’ll be coating all of your hair. If you have, then you should only be applying it to your roots.
    • Avoid getting the relaxer on your scalp.
    • Don’t apply the relaxer to the parts of your hair that aren’t new growth. You’ll over-process the hair and may cause damage.
    • Apply relaxer to your nape and hairline last. Your hairline is the area that people will see first when they look at you, so you want to be extra sure that you don’t over-process the relaxer along the hairline. Also wait to apply relaxer to the nape of your neck, because the hair here tends to process more quickly. Over-processing may result in unsightly breakage
    • Smooth the new growth with the back of a comb. After applying your relaxer, go back over all of the hair you applied relaxer to. Use the back of a comb to smooth out the hair to ensure that it straightens.
      • Do not comb the hair
      • Set a timer for 10 or 15 minutes. While most relaxers should be left on for 10-15 minutes, different relaxers require waiting different amounts of time. Set a timer for however long the box instructs. Strictly follow the time instruction.
        • Some people leave the relaxer on longer to achieve “bone straight” hair, but it’s typically more attractive to take the product off when you’re supposed to because then your hair will have some body. Also, leaving it on too long can damage your hair.