Summer’s Eve Deodorant Spray, Island Splash

4.500 KD

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  • About this item.
  • Only Summer’s Eve gives you 5 fresh benefits in 1 single spray with this Island Splash feminine deodorant..
  • Gynecologist give it the green light for everyday use..
  • Clinically Tested Safe Scents that meet quality standards.
  • Neutralizes odor, absorbs moisture, hypoallergenic, talc-free. Won’t disrupt natural PH.
  • Formulated with vitamin E for smooth-feeling skin..
  • Imported from USA.

The most amazing deodorant spray ever…..I’m a plus size woman so I sweat more than your average beauty queen lol ever since learning about this spray for women at the age of 17 it is basically my best friend during all four seasons. Thank you for this creation. All women should check this out. BTW I have all the women in my family use every product by Summer’s Eve

Because armpits aren’t the only thing that sweat, try Summer’s Eve Freshening Spray. Spray some on in the morning for a fresh start, or carry a can with you for a little PM pick-me-up.