Sunny Isle Rosemary Jamaican Black Castor Oil 4oz

4.500 KD



Get all the benefits of authentic Sunny Isle Jamaican Black
Castor Oil with the sweet, fresh fragrance of rosemary.

formula combines potent Jamaican Black Castor Oil and pure
rosemary essential oil to effectively treat and maintain hair and
skin. Rosemary plays a vital role in hair care, especially
protecting hair from dandruff and other scalp issues, as well as
other health issues such as arthritis, muscle cramps and gout.
It’s among the favorites in aromatherapy and is excellent as a
massage oil for improving blood circulation and relieving tired
muscles. With a variety of uses for Jamaican Black Castor Oil,
it’s a must-have in your beauty regimen.

Thick & effective oil

You feel that rosemary tingling sensationIt is not super thick.Hair feels soft as alwaysHair