SUBARU Magic Black Hair Dye Shampoo 400 ml

4.000 KD



This Magic Black Hair Dye Shampoo is highly effective and suitable for men and women. It is long lasting, lasting for more than eight weeks. Comes 2 in a pack. Features: Convenient . Easy in operation, just like using normal shampoo. Time savingCost savingNatural and mild

Volume: 200ml*2/set
HAIR THICKENING SHAMPOO is a kind of product which can change your hair from white to black only in 5 minutes like using normal shampoo.
Dark hair with young appearance without hot oil,dye and contamination on hair.
This semi permanent hair blackening shampoo is natural, non-toxic without ammonia. Compared to the traditional hair color cream, it owns the advantage of low cost, time-saving and convenience.
Type: Hair Dye
Form: Shampoo Cream
Volume: 200ml*2/set
Function: 5 mins Dye Hair Into Black
Age Group: Adult
Color: Black
– Herbal And Natural
– Ginger extract
– Natural hair loss and blackening shampoo
– Help hair grow quickly
– Gives You Shinny Black/Dark Brown Hair
– Dye hair in 5 minutes.
– Make our hair shinny and smooth
Radix Linderae – Hair darkening and care,supplement hair pigmentation
Ginseng – Hair darkening and care, provide you dark and shinny hair
Ganoderma Lucidum – Supplement trace elements and provide robust hairy root
Gingko – Deep moistening and care,supplement nutrition and water needed for healthy hair
Angelica – Hair care and conditioning provide you healthy and thick hair
Fleece Flower Root – Hair darkening and care, provide you dark and shinny hair
1. Convenient
Easy in operation, just like using normal shampoo.
2. Time saving
Only one sachet can give you black shining hair in 5 minutes.
3. Cost saving
Compared to the expensive cost for dyeing hair in the hair salon,the hair black shampoo is more than 10 times cheaper.
4. Natural and mild
Best hair shampoo is a hair-care product in a formula of natural luxurious herbal essence, there will be no side effect to your hair nor scalp when it gives you black and shining hair.
1. Put on gloves (otherwise the nails will be dyed grey, although that does not affect health)
2. Make your hair wet with both your hands.
3. Wipe off the water on the hair.
4. Promptly put the shampoo on the hair and rub it until it reaches the bottom of the hairs, then rub the hair for 5-10 minutes so that the shampoo moistens the bottom of each hair.
5. Wash the shampoo away.
6. The hair will become dark and shining.
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