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Toujours Jeune Corrector Body Lotion

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Anti Stretch Marks – Anti stains – Anti pimple – Anti scars – Anti pigment spot

The ALWAYS YOUNG Corrective Milk is recognized for its fight against Keloids, Varicose Veins, Pimples, Wrinkles, all kinds of Dark Spots. Made from oceanic and Amazonian protein extracts. Certified by the Kaerakounda laboratory


It is recommended to use the TOUJOURS JEUNE Corrective Milk all over the body, particularly on the parts with problems (Keloids, Varicose veins, Pimples, Wrinkles, all kinds of Spots, etc.)


Changing the color of this product does not change its quality. Stop using it in case of an allergic reaction. Forbidden to apply it on children under 12 years old.


Aqua, Lanets x, C16, C18, Cearique Snail slime, Vitamin E (wheat germ), (anti wrinkle agent), Fruit acid, (AHA), Lavender oil, Collagen, Sodium hydroxide, fragrance, Selenium , Shea Butter.