Truslen Coffee Bloc

5.000 KD



An intense instant coffee fortified with white kidney bean extract and cactus extract helps to prohibit the digestion of carbohydrate into sugar, and to reduce the calorie intake from carbohydrate. This helps with your weight control and reducing the absorption of sugar.


  • White kidney bean extract reduces the digestion of starch.
  • Garcinia cambogia extract and cactus extract reduce the absorption of sugar
  • No sugar. Sweetness from sucralose. No trans-fat, no cholesterol. Low fat.


  • Drink 2 pouches per day 15-30 minutes before meal for the best results.
  • Drink with Bloc formula for the superb results. Drink Bloc 15-30 minutes before meal then Bern 15-30 minutes after meal.

Note : 1 box /1 bag contains 10 small pouches.