Vaseline Healthy Bright GLUTA-HYA Serum 30 ml

1.750 KD

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-PINK (DEWY RADIANCE) FOR NIGHT (can also be used during the day, but no UV FILTER)

Vaseline Healthy Bright GLUTA-HYA Serum Burst Lotion Dewy Radiance

Make your skin look radiant, juicy glow, light lotion texture. dissociate Absorbs into the skin immediately. With a unique formula from Vaseline, Gluta Glow, 10 times more effective than Vitamin C+, helping to reduce the cause of dull skin.
10x Hyaluron gives the skin a dewy glow as if adding water to the skin.
10x active niacinamide for naturally glowing skin
Vaseline Jelly helps lock moisture deep in the skin layer, restoring the natural balance to your skin.

How to use: Apply lotion all over the body daily. for good results It should be used twice a day.

Volume: 30 ml