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Wells Almond Oil (400 ml)

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Wells Almond oil is a vegetable oil extracted from almond seeds. It helps in maintaining the moisture levels of your skin and get absorbed quickly without blocking your pores.

For extremely dry and sensitive skin, it serves as an effective balm providing relief from itching, inflammation and muscle pain. The fusion of oleic and linoleic fatty acids in me help in reversing and preventing signs of ageing. It nourishes your skin and makes you

This is non-sticky, no smell, thin, rich in vitamin e, 100 % pure refined almond oil from Spain.

Refined Almond Oil

How to Use

Almond oil is light enough to use directly on the skin and hair.

Drink -2 tbsp. of it, preferably from a warm tablespoon to absorb more quickly. You may also mix it into a protein drink or drizzle it on salads, veggies or potatoes.