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White Mask A4 White Body Mask 500 ml

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Mask the Mask of Body White to White’s four 500ml the A4.
Mask A white four

berrymix extract nourish your skin radiant and natural. reduce dark circles And help adjust the skin to be white urgently White 4 times faster than general glutathione

🥛milk extract is rich in nutrients that help restore damaged skin from sunlight. Increases the skin’s bounce, softness, and moisture to the skin and make the skin healthy smooth white

🟣 see the difference From the first time you use it

️1 day: clear skin 1-3 levels clearly
️3 days : whiten skin and restore damaged skin from sunlight
️7 days : white skin, smooth, soft, moisturized, smooth, consistent
️ 15 days : dark spots fade clearly down Ready to whiten your skin 3-5 levels. The more you stand in the sun, the more aura you have.

A4 White Body Mask
️ Intense formula whitening mask ️
white skin urgently
Exfoliate dead skin cells to be white and bright.
Reduce dark circles of the skin.
Helps to adjust the skin color to be consistent.
Use continuously for 1 week. Skin whitening 3-4 levels clearly.
For better results should be used daily for 1 week.

How to use White mask, leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash off.