Wokali Abdominal Men Belly Tightening Cream 150 ml

4.500 KD

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Magic Fat Burning Toner for your Belly and Abs Get the 6 packs you wanted. Helps in Shaping and strengthening abdominal muscle for fat burning and tummy fat loss. This is the perfect Sports Slimming cream. It’s for body muscle training. This Ultimate ABS Stimulator can help to tone, tighten and strengthen your body muscles, you can gain a better

  • Reduces excess subcutaneous fat. Warms up the muscles and improves the metabolism of skin.
  • Helps to firm the skin and improve its metabolism, effectively breaks down subcutaneous fat. The cream has a light texture and absorbs quickly, gives the body a more attractive appearance.
  • Burns fat. Helps to break down excess subcutaneous fat and make the body more relief.
  • Muscle exercise. Promotes the skin’s metabolism, increases muscle and firms the skin.
  • Get the 6 packs you wanted
  • Anti-cellulite
  • Reduce unwanted belly fats
  • Tighten abdominal muscle
  • Helps Sculpting your body
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Also toning you skin.
  • it also help reduce cellulite and stretch marks.
  • Fast thin slimming waist
  • Fitness reduce unwanted fats
  • Make the skin tight
  • Burn fats with regular use
  • Help tighten the skin.
  • The removal of fat of the abdomen is evident


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