Yoko Gold Salt Body Scrub Watermelon Plus Milk 350 GM

1.750 KD

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Siam Yoko Gold Salt Body Scrub Watermelon Plus Milk – a recipe for beautiful and youthful skin! A mixture of watermelon, milk, vitamins C and B3 brightens dark spots, and walnut shell microparticles gently cleanse the skin of old cells, making the new one smooth, clean and pleasant to the touch without the risk of damaging skin cells.


Hokkaido milk 10x – made only from fresh milk from the island of Hokkaido, 10 times different from the usual formula, makes the skin smooth, soft, like a milk bath.

Watermelon extract – rich in lycopene, effectively reduces dullness, uneven skin tone.

Vitamins C and B3 – help the skin glow, smooth and help reduce the appearance of premature aging.

Walnut Peel – 100% natural scrub gently exfoliates the skin.

Application: Apply salt to damp skin, then rub gently on the skin and leave for 3 minutes, then rinse off with plain water. It is enough to apply the scrub once a week.