Jelly Snail Candy Scrub- 300g

5.500 KD

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Sugar : can exfoliate your old skin and boost your new healthy skin. Sugarcane : can quickly brighten your skin for your glowing skin.

Coconut : can absorb both dirt and oil in your pore and relieve prickly heat due to allergy and bacteria.

Glycerin : is the best moisturizer for your moisture and brighten skin and revitalize, reduce mark and scars for your smooth and glowing skin. AHA : can reduce wrinkle, increase moisture, balance PH in your skin, anti-acne and reduce the mark, including brighter your skin. Snail : slim extract can boost collagen, revitalize, rejuvenate your skin as well as reduce your pore. Glutathione : can brighten your skin, reduce wrinkle and mark, anti-acne for your smooth and glowing skin.