AICHUN BEAUTY Nail Repair Cream 20g

3.500 KD

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AICHUN BEAUTY Nail Repair Cream Toenails Fingernails Care Anti Fungus Restores Damaged Nails Nourishes Hydrates Skin 20g

  • Nail Repair Cream This mild and non – irritating product is formulated with multiple herbal ingredients through scientific extraction to remove diseased nails without damaging good nails . It has a strong & effective action and greatly reduces the recurrence of nails by killing the nail plate fungus and softening cuticles to increase the penetration .
  • This product improves the nail quality as well as gene rates a protective layer to avoid the family’s secondary infection . Twice a day , once in the morning and once in the evening . Apply to automatically remove damaged nails .
  • Amazing Outcome : Days Gray nails stop deterioration 2-3 Weeks Inhibit fungal growth 4-6 Weeks Nutrition nail bed 8 Weeks Say goodbye to onychomycosis The results may vary from person to person depending on the coverage !
  • Storage : Store in a cool , dark , dry place . Keep out of reach of chiIdren . Avoid direct sunlight and accidental ingestion .
  • 6 Key Benefits : Restores Damaged Nails Kills Nail Fungus Powerful Anti – Fungal Oils Helps Grow Healthy Nails Corrects Discolored Nails Nourishes And Hydrates Skin
  • Applicability : Turbid , layered , shrunken , thickened , discolored , uneven , brittle & easily broken nail plates , onycholysis . Categories of micro organism to be inhibited or killed : Used to inhibit staphylococus aureus , candida albicans and escherichia coli .


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