BIOAQUA Blueberry Arbutin Moisturizing Facial Mask

2.500 KD

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BIOAQUA Blueberry Arbutin Moisturizing Facial Mask Hydrates Skin Delicate Care Silky Smooth 4ml (20 pack)

Contains blueberry, Korean imported ingredient arbutin and other skin care ingredients, mild and skin-friendly, moisturizing dry and dehydrated skin to replenish moisture, help improve dry and dehydrated skin, make skin hydrated, plump and shiny, delicately care for skin, and make skin silky smooth tender. How to use : Before going to bed , after cleansing , take an appropriate amount of the product and spread it evenly on the face (avoiding the skin around the eyes and lips ) and leave it on overnight , and then rinse it off with water the next morning .

Precautions : Before using any new product , it is recommended that you try it on the skin behind the ear . If there is any discomfort or abnormal skin reaction , please stop using it ; Use with caution on sensitive skin ;

Do not use it on children under three years old .

Preservation method : Please keep in a cool place and avoid high temperature and direct sunlight ;

please keep out of the reach of children .