Eelhoe Face Hyaluronic Acid Foundation Serum 30 ml

2.750 KD



Eelhoe Face Hyaluronic Acid Foundation Serum Foundation Make up Essence Reduces Acne Fine Lines and Dark Spots Moisturizes and Tender Skin Evens Skin Tone Concealer and Prevents Aging Face Hyaluronic Acid Foundation Serums Nude Hyaluronic Tinted Serum


1.Achieve delicate skin with our face hyaluronic acid foundation serums. They provide high coverage and hydration, while fighting against dryness and aging.

2.Our formula is non-greasy and lightweight, so you can enjoy a natural look without feeling cakey. 3.Plus, our serums are convenient and multi-functional, as they can be used as primer, moisturizer and foundation.

How to use:

1. Shake the bottle before use.

2.Take an appropriate amount of essence and drop it on the palm, dip it with a foundation brush or spongeand apply it on the face.

3. Starting from the center of the facespread evenly outwards in circular motions.