Fruit Of The Wokali Collagen Sleeping Mask120g

6.500 KD



Product description:

.The fruit of Wokali Collagen Anti-Aging mask Anti-aging collagen mask made with 100% pure collagen It boosts skin strength, moisturizes it, nourishes it, and delays the onset of aging. It whitens the skin, treats pigmentation, dark spots and circles, plumps up wrinkles, tightens wrinkles, and plumps up the cheeks.
  • Fruit of the Wokali Collagen Anti-Aging Serum
  • Anti-aging collagen serum made with 100 % pure collagen
  • Boosts skin strength, moisturizes and nourishes, delays aging effect,
  • Whitens the skin, treats pigmentation, dark spots and circles, fills wrinkles, tightens wrinkles and puffs Cheeks
  • Make the face brighter, fresh, youthful appearance consisting of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C / E, collagen, shea butter, rice milk, citric acid and aloe vera.
  • It also contains elements that prevent oxidation in skin and lanolin.


Fruit of the Wokali

products made from 100% pure collagen