Gmeelan – Sakura Gluta Brightening booster underarm Cream

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GMEELAN Sakura Gluta Brightening 50x Booster Armpit Underarm Cream 30g

(1) What is it

GMEELAN is a whitening, moisturizing and deodorizing product carefully developed for underarm parts. It uses Japanese Cherry Blossom+5X Ceramide as the material. The Japanese Cherry Blossom Extract has strong anti saccharification, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory and other effects. At the same time, it can decompose melanin, so as to achieve whitening and yellowing effects. It can improve the skin from the base layer and directly hit the base layer. Improve the sunken muscles in the armpits.

(2) What does it do

Two color microcapsule pearl freshness locking: the microcapsule gel shell contains moisturizing factor, containing cherry essence, glutathione, Nicotinamide, Ceramide, helping to make your skin white, delicate and smooth

A bottle containing 50+microencapsulated pearls: a 50 fold whitening booster that helps penetrate the basal layer of the skin, activate cells, regulate metabolism, and make dry and dull skin fair and hydrated, shining like pearls.

(3) Applicable skin type

Suitable for all skin types

(4) Specifications

Net weight: 30g

(5) Main components

Japanese evening cherry extract, 5X Ceramide, pink microcapsule pearl

(7) Storage Instructions

Please keep away from damp environment, direct sunlight and high temperature. Please store in a cool and dry place. Please use it as soon as possible after opening.

(8) Package Content

1 * GMEELAN cherry blossom glutathione whitening underarm cream

Gmeelan Cherry Blossom Armpit Whitening Cream 30g Armpit Whitening Smooth Moisturizing Deodorant The main ingredient is Japanese night cherry blossom extract, which has strong anti-oxidant and anti-glycation effects, can decompose melanin, whiten yellowish skin, and improve dull underarm skin. Specifications: 30g Scent: Cherry Blossom Texture: pink essence + pink microcapsule pearl + white microcapsule pearl Product function: underarm whitening, moisturizing, smoothing, deodorant steps to use Press 2-3 pumps of nourishing cream onto the palm. Step 2 – Apply evenly over the underarm skin. Step 3 – Massage gently until absorbed.