hand lifting and whitening cream -touch me please 100 ml

3.000 KD

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the Way to Make My Hands Look Young Again

The Aging Hand

Your hands can show signs of aging and years of sun exposure including age spots, sun spots, wrinkles, and dryness. The skin on the back of your hands may become thin, dry, and scaly due to collagen loss. You may also experience volume loss which makes your tendons and veins more visible, further contributing to an aged appearance.

 Enriches and moisturizes with nature  Extract to puff and nourish hands that are dry from everyday routines
 Permeates into skin to moisturize, brighten and soften your hands without a greasy after-feel
 Makes your hands thoroughly delighted bright
 Helps to rejuvenate the skin of the hands
 It has collagen in it to prevent aging

made in Thailand 100 ml