Manux straightening organic protein coffee without formaldehyde

75.000 KD

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Smoothing Manux COFFEE 

 The only one on the market with a buttery base, making brushing and ironing easier!!

 Exclusive sensory with greater finishing potential and that much more naturally velvety touch!!

 ✅ More shine;

 ✅ More softness;

 ✅ Improved cuticle sealing;

 ✅ Greater color brightness;

 ✅ Less fading;

 ✅ With coffee oil;

 ✅ With coffee extract;

 ✅ Rich in amino functional silicone;

 ✅ Antioxidant effect;

 ✅ Full compatibility;

 ✅ Rich in Hydrolyzed Collagen;

 ✅ Great ability to penetrate the hair fiber;

 ✅ With coffee microparticles;

 ✅ Coffee smell;

 ✅ More income;



Step 1: Apply the product with a brush directly to dry, clean hair, spreading evenly over all hair with a fine comb

Step 2: Leave to act for 30 to 60 minutes depending on the degree of smoothing desired and the curliness of the hair at the start.

Step 3: Rinse out the product completely making sure no residue remains.(water only) then dry the hair with a blow dryer only. It is not necessary to brush them

Step 4: Pass the straightening iron over very fine strands (transparent) between 20 and 30 times per strand.

230 degrees on natural hair and 200 degrees Maximum on bleached, highlighted hair, etc.

Step 5: The final rinse is optional. Finish as you wish