Pei Mei whitening tooth powder with coconut 60ml

2.500 KD



Pei Mei whitening tooth powder with coconut pure natural teeth whitening deep cleansing 60 ml

Deep Cleansing and teeth whitening is provided! Powder qualitatively and, unlike competitors, absolutely safely reduces the cash and stains on the teeth.

Provides fresh breathing and full protection of dösen. Maintaining the health of the oral cavity is one of the important tasks. Stains on the tooth enamel, an unpleasant smell from the mouth and inflammation of the dösen is the result of deposits of the dental attack.

Coconut powder contains natural ingredients that deeply cleanse and bleach tooth enamel. Coal in the composition is an excellent absorbent, absorbing the smallest particles of attack from food, tea, coffee and cigarette smoke.

These components perfectly solve the dental problems of enamel, such as yellow teeth, black and gray cash due to smoking, drinking tea, coffee and food. Effectively reduce the tooth plaque and stains on the teeth, make breathing fresh, refresh the taste in the mouth, protect the teeth and keep the whole mouth healthy.

Method of application: use powder as an additional tool for cleaning teeth. Rinse the toothbrush with water, slightly dip it into powder. Clean each time for more than 3 minutes according to the correct cleaning method. Keep brushing your usual toothpaste every day.

Composition: сорбитол, water drinking, silicon dioxide, glycerin, sodium лаурилсаркозинат, incense composition, ксантан, гидроксиацетофенон, enzyme папаин, xylitol, zinc citrate calcium лактат, аира extract, lemon extract, silicon dioxide (sorbosil BFG), bisabolol, stevioside, menthol natural crystalline, menthol Vitamin Complex from Switzerland.