Return Moisturizing,whitening, Spot Out Soap

1.750 KD

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This SKIN RX LAB Re-Turn moisturizing soap is nourishing formulas designed to help protect your complexion from the harsh, environmental stressors that we encounter every day. Return Soap This milk soap is rich in pure milk protein. And coconut oil contributes to cleaning the skin thoroughly. And protect the skin from UV rays, making the skin look bright, clear, smooth, soft, moist and pleasant to the touch.


Properties: This soap helps moisturize skin, soften, reduce acne, dark spots, prevents dull skin proteins, dark spots, increases skin clarity, nourish skin, inhibits melisma, rough skin or hot sub burn from sunlight UV, regularly slows the deterioration of skin cells, helping to reveal a radiant skin.

  • Helps to soothe irritation and enhance natural radiance
  • Moisturizing, skin rejuvenation, pore cleansing and wrinkle prevention
  • Enriched with a naturally occurring compound found in medicinal Centella plants
  • Help restore the skin to be bright
  • This reduce acne marks
  • Reduce the blemish, freckles, dark spots, look fade, restore the skin