Return Quick Action SkinRx Whitening Lotion with Ceramides & Niacin

7.000 KD

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Return Quick Action SkinRx Lotion With Ceramides & Niacin 500 ml

Deliciously scented body lotion restores an even skin tone as it promotes instant radiance, softness and shimmer to dull lifeless skin. Moisturizes and nourishes with instant action ceramides and improves skins elasticity as it heals, smoothens and regenerates skins texture. An exceptional product for an all-over silky feel and a subtle shimmer over hands and legs for a sexy feel silhouette. Contains sun protection of SPF 60 +++.

Directions: Shake before use. Apply a few drops of product to cleansed face, neck or body. Gently massage into skin and let dry.


  • Reduce the problem of dull skin to brighten.
  • Reduce dark spots and adjust skin color to be even and smooth.
  • Easily absorbed
  • Helps retain water in the skin throughout the day.
  • With SPF 60 +++
  • Production Country: Thailand