Revivogen md Scalp Therapy 60 ml

16.000 KD



you know that hair loss begins inside the hair follicle?

Our lightweight Hair Therapy Serum is designed to target hair loss at the inner hair follicle level as it quickly absorbs and penetrates deeply into the follicle.

A board-certified dermatologist designed our Hair Therapy Serum as a topical application that can hyper target your problem areas by blocking the DHT that is in the hair follicle and lives in the oils on your scalp and hair.

Revivogen’’s Scalp Therapy formulation was created to block DHT from killing your hair follicle by blocking the activity of the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme and lowering the concentration of DHT in the scalp and then helps revitalize and protect the hair follicle.

Our products will not have any systemic negative side effects. That is the Revivogen difference.

Natural ingredients and a formulation that does not contain harmful substances or ingredients. A safe alternative to hair growth.

What You Get:

  • Safe & effective for men & women
  • Visible results in as little as 90 days
  • Made for all hair types
  • Lightweight serum
  • Dissolves quickly into scalp
  • Best results when used daily
  • 88% success rate in clinical studies
  • Drug-Free Alternative
  • Soothes the itchiness and irritation caused by DHT

PRO TIP: When the Scalp Therapy Serum is used in conjunction with Revivogen’s Bio-Cleansing Shampoo, you get the double effect of soothing relief from itchiness and irritation because the serum can absorb more effectively into clean skin and hair. The Shampoo cleans excess oil from your scalp and the natural ingredients will also help soothe your itchiness.

made in usa