Voox Dd Cream Aura Whitening Radiant Lotion

5.500 KD

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Whitening Cream from VOOX DD Cream Gives a shining, white and moisturized skin Combines BB cream and CC cream to correct your complexion Rich with Japanese flowers Extracts Sunblock with spf 50 Can be applies on body dark areas No need to wash it after using

The Voox DD Cream Aura Whitening Radiant Lotion gives you a naturally healthy and radiant-looking skin. This unit is made from a unique blend of ingredients that helps in correcting the hyper pigmentation. This Voox whitening lotion evens out your skin tone, making it look naturally healthy and beautiful. The lightweight texture of this cream absorbs quickly into your skin and prevents causing any greasiness. This Voox radiant lotion replenishes your skin cells and helps it retain moisture to prevent dryness.

Brightens Skin

This Voox whitening lotion helps in restoring the health of your skin and gives it a naturally radiant and glowing skin. This unit helps in removing dead cells from the surface of the skin to reveal the soft and supple skin beneath.

Safe to Use

This Voox radiant lotion is made from superior quality materials that are gentle on your skin. The lightweight texture of this lotion quickly seeps into your skin without causing any greasiness or clogging the pores. The SPF 50 prevents your skin from getting tanned and damaged from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. This piece is suitable for all skin types.

made in thailand