Luxxe Protect, Pure Grapeseed Extract 30 Capsules

8.750 KD



NEW Authentic Luxxe Protect, Pure Grapeseed Extract – 30 Capsules

Luxxe Protect benefits:

50x more powerful than vitamin C

more powerful than vitamin E -Strength Immune booster

Skin look
younger -Appetite Booster

  • Good for healing process
  • Blood circulation
  • Good for the heart
    Improves Sleep LUXXE PROTECT is pure Grapeseed extract. It is
    not like pharmaceutical antibiotics where a set number of days’
    treatment is specified. You can safely take grapeseed extract
    over a longer period, if needed, without any worry of toxicity.
    We have reports of people taking grapeseed extract every day for
    years without any side-effects. ​Grapeseed extract has been
    tested all across the world and proven to have many health