Max Lady protein & vitamin b5 Hair Mask 500 ml

3.000 KD



Volume: 500 ml

Extract: Yes 

Extract type: ostrich oil-aloe vera-honey
softens and brightens hair

Strengthens hair roots
Complete nourishes hair roots
Strengthens damaged and colored
hair Anti-hair loss
Treats frizzy hair
Prevents hair loss Keratin
, protein, vitamins

Maxlady Creatine Hair Mask is suitable for any type of hair.

This product shines and strengthens hair, repairs hair, nourishes hair roots,

Root stimulant for hair growth, prevent hair loss, prevent frizz and

Crushing hair prevents itching of the scalp and makes the hair transparent.

The vitamins in this formulation make the hair fresh and shiny and give the hair a beautiful state.

The use of this product has an effective role in repairing and regenerating hair and also facilitates hair combability.

This creatine mask has an effective role on colored hair due to the presence of hydrolyzed collagen.

It maintains the condition of colored hair and prevents the destruction of hair by surfactants .

The presence of conditioning and shining materials in the formulation of this mask makes the hair very well-groomed and shiny.

 After using Max Lady Max creatine hair mask , hair combability is facilitated.

made in Thailand

Product features:

Hair conditioner and shine
Strengthen hair roots
Complete nourishment of hair roots
Strengthen damaged and colored
hair Anti-hair loss
Treatment of frizzy hair
Prevents hair loss
keratin, protein, vitamins